Cool'n Joy

About Cool'n Joy

The history of Cool'n Joy

Cool’n Joy was born in 2009 in the mind of a campsite manager who had to deal with certain problems on a daily basis. 

  • What time do my guests arrive?
  • How can we make arrivals and departures more fluid?
  • How can we give the same information to all our customers?
  • How can we get to know them better and address them in a targeted manner?
  • How can we stay in touch before, during and after the stay?
  • How can we sell better and more? 

All these questions and many others led us to imagine, design and build the simplest and most effective solution possible.

Cool’n Joy now supports outdoor hotels, independents, chains and groups, or holiday homes, real estate agenciesrestaurants and also campsites with Cool’n Camp.

Designed by operators for operators, Cool’n Camp is the first solution interfaced with all market management software.

The Cool'n Joy team

Discover the whole Cool’n Joy team gathered for an evening: technical team, salesperson, communication team…