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Cool'n Joy dynamic display

Image en anglais montrant les ecrans connectes proposes par cool'n joy aux hotels
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Reception, restaurant, bar… Communicate on your screens!

Offer your customers an innovative and engaging experience.

Promote your services on your digital screens, and reduce perceived waiting times at the reception. Moreover, this digital communication can boost your sales and reinforce brand loyalty.

The content of Cool'n Joy dynamic display

The content broadcast

Broadcast the content of your mobile application on your screens

Manage the different elements of your communication using the back office of your mobile application: planning of animations, service offers, etc.

The content of your mobile application

From the back-office of the mobile application, manage your communication

Digital weather display

Provide your customers with up-to-date weather information, and help them plan their stays.

Digital weather display

Display the temperature so that your guests can plan their stay accordingly

Images, videos, links to websites

All types of media can be distributed in a few clicks

Plan your messages and communications

Plan in advance when and how long the message will appear

The advantages of Cool'n Joy dynamic displays

The benefits

Promote your offer

Promote all your services (parking, wifi, prices, catering, events…) on your digital billboards and let your customers discover the extent of your offers.

Reduce perceived waiting time

At the time of the check-in your customers will be able to discover videos, the planning of animation, the tourist activities… Thus the dynamic display will capture their attention and reduce the perceived waiting time.

Increase sales

The information communicated by a dynamic screen is always accurate, and the quality of the images it can display creates an incomparable attractiveness and desire contributing to increased sales.

Update content in 2 clicks

A change in schedule or price? No need to print the support again, it updates in real time on your display screen!

Cool'n Joy digital broadcast FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool that allows the transmission of multimedia content, remotely and in real time, through a network of communication screens.