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You offer your customers the possibility to order online at the restaurant, snack bar, bar… Your staff will be freed from administrative hassles to focus on reception and service.

With our e-concierge solution, your customers can easily reserve their table, consult the menus, place their order and pay their bill.

Cool'n Joy restaurant services features

The features

Click and Collect

Boost your turnover by offering Click & Collect in your establishment: catering, bread order...

Click and Collect

Offer Click & Collect in your establishment and increase your turnover without adding extra tables. Generate additional orders and enjoy the benefits of the Click & Collect system.

QR code menu

Say goodbye to paper and printed menus! Opt for the QR Code menu and enjoy a healthier and more convenient system.

Order at the table

Your customers no longer have to wait to order. They can order from their smartphone quickly and easily.

No more paper bills!

Offer your customers the possibility to pay their bill at the table via their smartphone.

The benefits of digital restaurant services

The benefits

Increase sales

Promoting your products will generate more orders and suggestions will increase your average ticket value.

Make management easier

In the kitchen and in the dining room, reduce customer waiting time, increase table turnover, improve efficiency during busy periods and speed up cash flow.

Increase satisfaction

By making traffic flow more smoothly, you can improve the experience and satisfaction of your customers.

Improve your hygiene measures

Limiting the flow reduces the risk of transmission and reassures your customers of the health crisis.

A link to your cash register system

Thanks to a real-time link directly connected to the identification system of the mobile application, the customer no longer needs to identify himself and you get all his information effortlessly.

FAQ restaurant services Cool'n Joy

Frequently asked questions

The click & collect tool is compatible with many cash register systems.

Contact us for a list of compatible systems.