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Why should hotels use an e-concierge application?

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What is a concierge application ?

This is a mobile application offering concierge services to its users.
It’s a tool that brings together all the useful information holidaymakers need before, during and after their stay.

Their goal is to offer a personalized, high-quality experience with services designed to simplify their lives (booking a table at the hotel restaurant, ordering roomservice online, booking activities such as SPA…), but also with purely informative services (information on the services offered by the hotel, recommendations on nearby tourist activities, places to visit…).

Why should hotels use one ?

E-concierge applications are becoming increasingly popular in the hotel industry, as they offer numerous benefits for guests and hotels themselves, such as:

E-concierge applications allow guests to enjoy a personalized, customized experience (quick access to information on hotel services, local activities… And the ability to make reservations, order meals or beverages…) helping to improve the overall experience.

They can help hotels reduce staff costs, as they automate some tasks that hotel employees previously had to manage, allowing staff to concentrate on other, more important tasks.

They allow hotels to increase their revenues by offering additional services to customer, while simplifying and digitalizing reservations (massages, yoga classes, guided tours…).

By automating tasks, hotels can become more efficient, reduce errors and improve the overall quality of the services they offer.

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