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Digital transformation of restaurants

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Digital transformation of restaurants octobre 26, 2023 Over the past few years, with the increasing use of digital technologies on a daily basis and the growing connectivity of consumers, restaurants have had to adjust their approach to meet the new expectations of their customers. “Multi-channel” behavior Customers are increasingly adopting what is known as ‘multi-channel‘ […]

Why should hotels be present on social networks?

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Why should hotels be present on social networks? septembre 20, 2023 A growing number of tourism industry professionals are adopting social networks to promote their destinations in response to changes in traveler behavior. This increased use of social networks comes as more than a third of travelers now find inspiration for their travel planning on […]

Improve the management of your establishment with a concierge application

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Improve the management of your establishment with a concierge application août 18, 2023 An e-conciergerie application can improve hotel management, enabling : Optimized task management Task management is optimized thanks to : Automate some of these tasks (check-in, ordering comfort options, etc.) to save time and allow customers to concentrate on more important tasks. Real-time […]

How can an e-concierge application improve your hotel’s customer relations?

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How can an e-concierge application improve your hotel’s customer relations? août 18, 2023 E-concierge applications improve the experience of your customers, allowing them to : Reduce waiting time at reception Traffic at reception is significantly reduced thanks to e-concierge solutions, which enable customers to access all the information they need for their stay directly on […]

Why should hotels use an e-concierge application?

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Why should hotels use an e-concierge application? juin 20, 2023 What is a concierge application ? This is a mobile application offering concierge services to its users.It’s a tool that brings together all the useful information holidaymakers need before, during and after their stay. Their goal is to offer a personalized, high-quality experience with services […]

Meet Cool’n Joy at Fitur 2023

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Meet Cool’n Joy at Fitur 2023 janvier 6, 2023 Cool’n Joy will be at the Fitur in Madrid on 19 and 20 January 2023 to present its e-concierge solution and all the supports offered to develop your digitalization at best (hotel concierge application, dynamic display, touchscreens…). What’s the schedule? Demonstration Presentation of the news And […]

Cool’n Joy at the E-Procurement Tech Summit 2022

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E-Procurement Tech Summit 2022 novembre 4, 2022 On Thursday 20 October, the company Voxel, leader in the development of technological solutions focused on digitalization of tourism companies, celebrated a wonderful event in Barcelona, the “e-Procurement Tech Summit 2022”. The event was about digitalisation in the hotel and restaurant sectors. On this occasion, Cool’n Joy was […]

New partnership between Cool’n Joy and Qualitelis

New technology partner octobre 21, 2022 Do you want to increase the response rate of your customers to satisfaction surveys? It is now possible thanks to the partnership between Qualitelis and Cool’n Joy. Having a centralized e-concierge tool to manage the whole customer journey allows your customers to be more likely to give their opinion […]

The Cool’n Joy team meets

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The Cool’n Camp team meets mai 24, 2022 Some are in Marseille, others in Toulouse or Barcelona… So for the first time, the whole team got together for an evening in a fabulous setting, on board of the Saint Louis barge in Toulouse.  The goal of this evening was for all the members of the […]

New version of the Cool’n Joy application

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New version of the application avril 5, 2022 Discover the new version of the application! In constant innovation, Cool’n Joy is always looking to improve in order to satisfy you.  That’s why the design of the application has been completely rethought and modified. What’s new : A design that adapts to the date of the […]