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Why should hotels be present on social networks?

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A growing number of tourism industry professionals are adopting social networks to promote their destinations in response to changes in traveler behavior.

This increased use of social networks comes as more than a third of travelers now find inspiration for their travel planning on these platforms.

A tool of choice for travellers

According to a survey conducted by Photobox to analyze the photographic trends of holidaymakers, several significant data emerged:

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Among respondents aged 55 and over, 37% use travel sites such as Tripadvisor, for example.

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Respondents aged 18 to 34 use Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok as a source of inspiration when selecting their next travel destination

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Over 33% of French citizens say they take advice from friends and family

Travelers aren’t just using social networks to discover new destinations, but also to plan their stay once they’ve chosen their destination.

This includes researching the best restaurants, must-see local experiences and places to explore.

Free visibility for your hotel

Young adults, generally aged between 18 and 34, are used to actively using social networks during their travels, where they share content such as photos, videos and stories from their vacation destinations on a regular basis.

The 2 main reasons why travellers post are as follows:

Social networks, when used in conjunction with the younger generation, represent an advantageous opportunity for hotels to promote their establishments at no cost.

Frequent use of TikTok

TikTok has positioned itself as the leading source of travel inspiration, making it an essential platform for any tourist establishment to maintain an active and regular presence.

The app has impressive numbers: the hashtag #travel has 6.7 million views, #tourism registers 410.5 million views, and #traveltok exceeds 9.9 billion views.

TikTok users have specific expectations, mainly looking for content relating to travel tips (activities to do on site, discoveries in the surrounding area, etc.) as well as information about the establishment itself. These elements help them to prepare their stay in the best possible way.

To conclude

Hotels have everything to gain by establishing their presence on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. This allows them to showcase their establishments as well as the services offered on site, with the aim of attracting potential new customers or, at the very least, increasing their visibility.

What’s more, you can direct your followers directly to the Cool’n Joy app from your social networks. This encourages users to discover all the services, tourist offers, events and much more in a quick and convenient way, all in one tool.

If you run a hotel, it’s a good idea to combine Cool’n Joy with social networks to promote your hotel and stimulate new bookings.

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