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Improve the management of your establishment with a concierge application

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An e-conciergerie application can improve hotel management, enabling :

Task management is optimized thanks to :

  • Automate some of these tasks (check-in, ordering comfort options, etc.) to save time and allow customers to concentrate on more important tasks.

  • Real-time communication via a single, totally paperless tool, enabling the most effective communication possible.

  • A digital welcome booklet enabling customers to find the essential information they need to organize their stay directly on the application, leaving reception staff free to focus on more important tasks than customer information, for example.

An e-concierge application allows hotels to manage requests in real time, as it enables instant communication between guests and hotel employees. Customers can send service requests at any time, from their own mobile app, and employees can then respond quickly, improving the customer experience and the quality of service provided.

An e-concierge application allows hotels to collect all kinds of information about their guests:

  • Customer profile information (age, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.)

  • Customer feedback on their experience at the tourist establishment

  • Information on customer behavior and preferences

All the data collected enables a hotel to improve by taking all these elements into account.

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