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How can an e-concierge application improve your hotel's customer relations?

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E-concierge applications improve the experience of your customers, allowing them to :

Traffic at reception is significantly reduced thanks to e-concierge solutions, which enable customers to access all the information they need for their stay directly on their phone, order additional services directly from their application (towels, roomservice…), check in digitally or report any problems encountered during their stay.

In short, all these features mean that guests don’t have to go to the front desk or call reception, and waiting times are significantly reduced.

Better customer support, as this type of application enables customers to benefit from :

  • Better accessibility (application available at any time of the day or night)
  • Improved responsiveness (customers can report problems or needs, and hotels are informed in real time and can react quickly)
  • Greater versatility (customers have “assistance” for all their needs on a single tool)

An e-concierge application enables you to offer vacationers a personalized experience, thanks in particular to :

  • The collection of data on guests’ tastes, the events they enjoy most… This data enables the hotel to better understand the needs and preferences of its clientele, and to personalize their experience based on this information.
  • Personalized communications, enabling hotels to communicate in a personalized way with each customer and to run targeted communication campaigns.
  • Personalized customer service, enabling customers to request additional services via the app, or to report problems or special needs.

By responding quickly and efficiently to these requests, the hotel provides personalized customer service.

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